Following its announcement at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Outremer 52 is already the talk of the town. Indeed, the press conference held at the Cannes Yachting Festival on the 7th of September 2022 was well attended by the media, with Multihulls World and Yachting World among those who picked up the story and wrote these articles summarising the excitement around the announcement.


Read more below about the leading media sources that picked up the news and what they had to say about this new outstanding model:


Yachting World – Renowned UK-based magazine that focuses on sailing, yachting and boating.

Extract: “Grand Large Yachting has pooled serious knowledge, design and build experience to create what it deems to be an ideal family-sized fast catamaran for world voyaging. The Outremer 52 combines the proven features of the 51 (over 100 built) with the fresh looks and success of the recently launched 55, which won a European Yacht of the Year award last year.

Author: Toby Hodges


Multihulls World – A global magazine that covers the world of multihull sailing boats, including catamarans and trimarans.

Extract: “In MW184, we talked about the launch of the one-hundredth Outremer 51. This was the model that had become the yard’s best-seller (originally out of the Outremer 49) having been first launched in 2009 and having undergone three major redesigns. The question of a successor obviously arouses interest… And the answer was provided by Xavier Desmarest himself, the CEO of Outremer: the new 52, already in build, is due to splash at the end of January 2023.”

Author: Emmanuel van Deth


More sources here:


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About the Outremer 52:

The avant-garde, benchmark for blue-water cruising

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27 April, 2022

Outremer celebrates a new award at the International Multihull Show in France

Outremer showcased its flagship models to a steady stream of press, boat-owners and prospective boat-owners at the show. This included the bestselling and European Yacht of the Year 2022 winner, the Outremer 55, which was also awarded Multihull of the Year 2022 during the show.

12 September, 2022

Q&A about Bluewater cat cruising with Nikki Henderson

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