The Ultimate Blue-water Cruising Catamaran

Outremer [utʀ əmε: ʀ] draws its origins from blue-water cruising and etymologically from the color Outremer, a deep shade of blue reminiscent of its native coast, the Mediterranean Sea.

Over the past 37 years, Outremer has built catamarans of industry leading quality, designed for performance, to ensure your peace of mind and comfort onboard, whether for short distance cruising or for sailing around the world.

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With you at every step

Combining the unique know-how of our talented French workers and the experience accumulated from millions of miles traveled, Outremer helps you make your dream come true from start to finish: from the definition of your project to building the sailboat of your dreams.

Thus, when becoming an Outremer owner, you receive all the support you need in order to ensure your experience onboard is a success. Our preparation package includes a skills assessment, training courses, seminars to prepare for ocean cruising and much more.

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Outremer is not only a boat builder

Becoming an Outremer owner also means that you will benefit from a large range of services, from the purchase to the sale of your catamaran.

Emergency assistance, spare parts, in need of a refit or simply looking for information? Outremer is your number one contact!

Not decided to purchase just yet? You can also charter an Outremer.

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Passionate sailors

With a fleet of nearly 400 catamarans around the world, Outremer forms an exceptional community: one of fun-loving adventurers.

To cultivate this bond with our sailors, we organize annual events such as the Outremer Cup, and offer platforms to help mainstream and share knowledge, such as the owners’ Facebook group and a technical blog.

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Catamarans are often seen as floating caravans. And then we tried the Outremer and realized it wasn't necessarily the case. The seaworthiness and performance ... It sails! So we decided rather quickly [for an Outremer].
We feel that work has been done on the weight. [...] Lightness is not only a question of performance but of safety on these boats.
I took part in the Route du Rhum on the Outremer 4X, a boat that I have recommended to many families and I wanted to show them that I meant what I was saying, that you can really sail with it!
We needed a seaworthy boat, that would sail upwind with ease, that was fast and sturdy... We found all of this in our Outremer.
Outremer successfully created a boat that encompasses speed, simplicity, luxury and safety. For us this relates to good times, beautiful places and great family experiences.
It was the boat that really offered the best compromise between performance, comfort and speed for a rather demanding program of a round-the-world trip in two and a half years.
It's not just any company that would tell you: cut back because it's better for you. And immediately it hooked me.


Nikki Henderson

Behind the scenes: a tour of Outremer’s shipyard

Tour the Outremer shipyard through the eyes of Nikki Henderson. Moulding, lamination, composite sandwich construction, resin-to-glass ratios; these are words that can send me into fight or flight mode…

Nikki Henderson

Unseasonable crossings — PART 02

When I look back on the crossing on La Vagabonde, my brain does a remarkably clever thing. It filters out most of the hard stuff: the lightning, the stress, the responsibility, the social media flurry, the awkward moments between the diverse characters. What’s left, is memories of day 12 onwards…

Nikki Henderson

Unseasonable Crossings — PART 01

The Vendee Globe has got to be the toughest solo sporting event there is. It’s a single handed round the world sailing race without stops or assistance. Having raced in the Southern Ocean myself – it is a desolate place in spirit, in physicality, and in the mental state you find yourself in.

Nikki Henderson

Sailing upwind on Outremer 45 Sailing La Vagabonde — PART 02

Sailing is a sensual sport. When you sail, you must work together with nature. You must ride her waves and helm in time with her flow, easing and tightening and swaying with her rhythm.

Let’s invent sustainable boating together

The ambition at Outremer has always been to create innovative sailboats, convinced that sailing was, and still is, the most natural and respectful practice.

At a time when environmental and societal issues are at the heart of concerns, we have a determined ambition: to invent sustainable boating.

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The 11th edition of the International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte, which took place from 20 to 24 April, came to an end.


Outremer participated with 3 boats on display: the Outremer 45, the Outremer 51 and its latest addition, the Outremer 55, winner of the European Yacht Of The Year 2022 award, which had the honour of winning the Boat of the Year prize awarded by Multihulls Mag magazine in the “yacht over 55 feet” category!


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