Outremer Week

Follow a unique catamaran training program, created by Outremer for its community of passionate owners!

The Outremer Week is 5 days of intensive training, to help quickly gain or improve your skills.

Rendezvous under the sun of La Grande-Motte, France, only a few steps away from the Outremer shipyard, for a week combining training lessons on land and at sea, and moments of relaxation and conviviality to encourage exchanges between participants.

❝ What a great week! We really enjoyed being in La Grande Motte and learned so much during these days. But beside the content we really felt part of the family and really appreciated your warm, competent and very caring approach to all our wishes.❞

Bent and Andrea – Future owners of an Outremer 45 – Participants of Outremer Week Spring 2021

Year-round training courses

Mixed and Ladies Only, our courses are tailored to your unique needs to allow you to apprehend your Outremer and thus leave for your sailing adventure with complete peace of mind


Ladies Only (courses exclusively for women)

In a totally relaxed atmosphere, gain the necessary autonomy to sail your blue water catamaran with confidence, alone or with your partner, thanks to our training courses exclusively dedicated to women, called Ladies Only.

The instructor, in this case the yachtswoman Nikki Henderson, adapts to the different profiles and levels, although the content of the women’s catamaran training remains similar to that of the mixed courses.

As a group, learn to:

– Tack and gyb easily and safely
– Hoist and trim the different sails
– Reef, learn the range of use of the sails and optimize according to the crew
– Manage sailing maneuvers

Mixed (courses addressed to both men and women)

Do you need a helping hand to improve your sailing skills on an Outremer? Several times a year, we offer mixed courses that take place over a weekend in La Grande-Motte, France.

Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the boat. This will be an excellent foretaste, with complete immersion: you will be asked to handle the maneuvers yourself and spend the night on board, with meals included.

As a group, learn to:

– Prepare the catamaran for sailing and anchoring
– Practice maneuvering with the engine and under sail
– Practice port entry and exit maneuvers
– Anticipate winds and weather: use technical aids, VHF, forecasts, barometer
– Use safety equipment and procedures
– Maneuver in port

Individual Coaching

A tailor-made course

Progress quickly with Outremer personalized coaching, available upon request
Example of topics addressed: maneuvers, optimizing sail trim, the basics of racing…