Your Outremer is built to last over 50 years…

The refit service provided by the shipyard and its historical partners for our catamaran owners guarantees the quality of the work and the reliability of the systems installed.

Outremer Refit services provided by our shipyard

Refitting your blue water catamaran can include different aspects, depending on the condition of your sailing catamaran, but also the budget and most importantly your ambitions. Our catamaran refit services go from basic overhauls to tips and spare parts for renovating your pre-owned Outremer catamaran.

We offer:

  • Engine and equipment overhauls
  • Maintenance of your hull
  • Supply of spare parts

We also offer upgrades for your catamaran refit such as:

  • the addition of solar panels
  • electric winches
  • skipper’s cabin layout
  • Sunbrella cockpit enclosures
  • Etc.

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Are you an owner or are you looking for a pre-owned Outremer to refit? Our team is here to help you!

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