Real-time catamaran maintenance and visibility of the boat

Safety and reliability of a liveaboard catamaran are the major concerns of blue water cruisers.

  • Avoiding breakdowns: not being caught out
  • Having the best possible view of the condition of your boat
  • Not getting stuck in a harbour because of a breakdown
  • Enabling preventive maintenance
  • Having confidence in the condition of your boat is essential for the serenity of the crew

The Offshore Connected Catamaran Maintenance system allows for tracking and understanding the condition of Outremer owners’ boats anywhere in the world.

  • The measures concern both security and energy production, consumption and even elements of comfort of the catamaran’s interior
  • Displaying the status of the boat
  • Automatic or manual data transmission to our servers
  • Collection of fleet data
  • Big data analysis
  • Shipyard recommendations

Many advantages for a stress-free sailing journey on your blue water catamaran.

  • Checkpoints never tracked until now
  • Precise inventory of onboard energy production
  • Follow-up of the main power consumers
  • Optimization of autonomy (electricity/water/gas)
  • A possibility of enhanced support
  • Transmission (manually or automatic) of the data needed for diagnosis
  • Targeted detection of possible malfunctions
  • Yard assistance for the repair of the breakdown
  • Possibility of preventive maintenance
  • Building on the accumulated experience of the group’s fleet

Still in the testing phase, we invite you to contact us to find out more about our catamaran maintenance services…

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