Outremer 45

48 ft
8.7/ 11.1 t
23.3 ft
106 m² (upwind)

The ideal single-handed catamaran

Easy to handle, very agile and perfectly safe, she will take you to the next anchorage or to the far side of the world in complete safety.

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Outremer 4X

48 ft
8.2/ 11.1 t
23.3 ft
124 m² (upwind)

The performance catamaran

Out of the molds of the 45, the 4X benefits from significant weight savings, and a rig optimized for performance. She is designed for demanding sailors and racers who also want to enjoy a comfortable life on board.

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Outremer 4.zero

48 ft
8.1/ 11.7 t
23.3 ft
110 m² (upwind)

Our electric catamaran paving the way for green sailing

The Outremer 4.zero is the first series cruising catamaran equipped with a 100% electric motor. Without fossil fuel on board (diesel or gas), it can be used without any CO2 emissions. Designed for long distance sailing, its ability to produce energy by the engines when the boat is sailing gives it autonomy without limits other than the weather.

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Outremer 51

51.3 ft
11.2/ 14.1 t
24.8 ft
131 m² (upwind)

The ultimate family cruiser

Combining performance and load capacity, this best-seller of the Outremer range with multiple international awards is the top standard of cruising catamarans for families around the world…

Outremer 52

52 ft
12.5/15.7 t
26 ft
155 m² (upwind)

Our 52-foot catamaran, the best of two iconic models

The Outremer 52 has been designed based on the observation of the owners’ needs and uses. While performance and safety have always been the basis for the design of Outremer catamarans, simplicity of navigation and quality of life on board are the two essential components that completes the specifications of Outremer teams.

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Outremer 55

54.9 ft
13.9/ 18.5 t
27.2 ft
172 m² (upwind)

Ideal ocean-going catamaran with a concentration of know-how

Can’t decide between comfort and performance? The latest addition to the Outremer range is the ultimate answer, offering a quality of life never before seen at this level of performance…

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Outremer 5X

60 ft
14.8/ 20 t
27.7 ft
199 m² (upwind)

The very best of performance and comfort united

The Outremer 5X is the largest cruising catamaran that can be easily handled by two people. For connoisseurs who want to devour the miles in the greatest comfort.


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