Following Outremer Week 2022, Nikki Henderson was interviewed by Yachting World for their September Multihull issue.


In this exclusive interview, she reveals what you really need to know before going Bluewater cat cruising by answering these frequently asked questions:

  • What sails should I buy?
  • When to reef?
  • How can couples close the experience gap?
  • Production or performance?
  • How to handle heavy weather
  • When should we go?


→ Click here to read the full Q&A


About Nikki:


Nikki Henderson is one of the UK’s leading offshore sailors of her generation. She has built her career using sailing as a platform for her other passions: building competitive teams; experiencing raw unfiltered nature; promoting meaningful causes. In 10 years she has changed lives, swung opinions and proven that being young or female does not, and should not hold you back.

We first got to know Nikki when she joined the La Vagabonde crew to support Greta Thunberg and help promote her message.

Nikki’s blogs during the voyage captivated us and were a joy to read both for sailors and non-sailors alike. Her writing broke down the barriers between land and sea. She pulled us in, off our couches and into the cockpit, to share magic of the ocean with her. The daily updates she sent out were almost an addiction for those three weeks. It was this rare ability – both her writing, but also the rare character behind the words, that cemented what was to become a long standing friendship with the Outremer team.

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27 April, 2022

Outremer celebrates a new award at the International Multihull Show in France

Outremer showcased its flagship models to a steady stream of press, boat-owners and prospective boat-owners at the show. This included the bestselling and European Yacht of the Year 2022 winner, the Outremer 55, which was also awarded Multihull of the Year 2022 during the show.

7 September, 2022

Outremer 52 announced at the Cannes Yachting Festival

Following its announcement at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Outremer 52 is already the talk of the town. Indeed, the press conference held at the Cannes Yachting Festival on the 7th of September 2022 was well attended by the media, with Multihulls World and Yachting World among those who picked up the story and wrote these articles summarising the excitement around the announcement.