Congratulations to Hans and his family for their performance at the Cape2Rio Race. After a first position at the Refeno Regatta, Hans and his family of 5 are back!


The iconic Cape to Rio Yacht Race, also known as the South Atlantic Yacht Race, from Cape Town to South America, started almost 49 years ago, partly to encourage South African sailors to attempt ocean crossings. It attracted enormous international interest from the start and has a fascinating history.

Harbour pilot by trade, it was on his faithful Outremer 51 Aventureiro 4 that Hans and his family took on the challenge January 2nd, 2023..

We can congratulate them on their performance. In 20d 1h32m 19s they reached Rio de Janeiro covering 3646.7NM. And their last day of sailing was not easy: “What a last day of a difficult race! We went from 37 to 0 in 24 hours! Our boat speed varied from 21.5 to the waterline… After a difficult storm, we were completely bogged down and are now trying to move with the finish line just in sight!”

These are great results for a Blue Water sailing catamaran slightly on the heavier side, given she is specifically equipped for cruising. Further proof that Outremers really can do it all!

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31 January, 2024

Outremer 52 awarded European Yacht Of The Year 2024

The European Yacht of the Year ceremony has come and gone, and it was with great pleasure that the Outremer team received the European Yacht Of The Year 2024 award in the Multihull category for its latest model, the Outremer 52.

12 September, 2023

Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

Just nominated for the European Yacht of the Year award, 2024 Edition, for which it is heading to Barcelona in a few days to complete sea trials, the Outremer 52 was undoubtedly the star of the show this year, gaining more and more attention as the first 4 models are now out and about.