Nikki Henderson

Sail Plans : From Mainsails to Spinnakers, What You Need to Know

Which sails to buy for your Outremer can be a very difficult decision. For some, this is a steep learning curve. Many cruisers haven’t used anything more elaborate than white sails (main sail + jib/genoa). Others in the Outremer family come from the monohull world, or perhaps have grown up dinghy sailing.

Nikki Henderson

Safety at sea

Whilst attaining the reactivity of an Olympic sailor may feel out of reach, there are some simple things Nikki recommends for anyone considering how to be an adaptable and thus safe sailor

Nikki Henderson


Every blue-water sailor will end up coping with seasickness. That is a certainty. Whilst it may not be you, it is inevitable that you will at the least be called upon to support one of your seasick crew.

Nikki Henderson

Effective Communication On Board

Communication is the most important factor in shaping an experience onboard. It keeps people safe, helps manoeuvres run smoothly, and contributes to a positive atmosphere.

Nikki Henderson

The Outremer Family

At Outremer, Nikki reports that there is a “special something”, a glue that forms a community of passionate sailors with shared values and interests.

Nikki Henderson

Monohull to Multihull

The most impactful change from a monohull to a multihull is that everyday life moves up a storey or two. The location and flow of spaces and rooms and people are critical to defining the heart of a home.

Nikki Henderson

Why every serious cruiser should go racing

With racing, you learn how to get the most out of the boat, the conditions and weather. And you stretch your comfort zone, helping you become a better leader.


Should you join a ladies-only crew?

What I would encourage any woman to do before signing up to a female-only course is to ensure that you are bringing a positive and constructive mindset with you to that environment. Sailing with women is what all these women thought it would be – supportive, fun, calm, empowering and balanced.

Nikki Henderson

Expert Multihull Techniques

There has been a huge surge in the sales of performance multihulls and with them a need to know how to handle them particularly when it comes to specific multihull techniques.

Nikki Henderson

Behind the scenes: a tour of Outremer’s shipyard

Tour the Outremer shipyard through the eyes of Nikki Henderson. Moulding, lamination, composite sandwich construction, resin-to-glass ratios; these are words that can send me into fight or flight mode…