Setting off on a catamaran with the best sailing weather

When you’re getting ready to set off on a sailing trip, it’s vital to find out about the seasons and weather phenomena in your chosen sailing area. Even before choosing your cruising destination or travel itinerary, or even selecting your yacht!

Nikki Henderson

Sail Plans : From Mainsails to Spinnakers, What You Need to Know

Which sails to buy for your Outremer can be a very difficult decision. For some, this is a steep learning curve. Many cruisers haven’t used anything more elaborate than white sails (main sail + jib/genoa). Others in the Outremer family come from the monohull world, or perhaps have grown up dinghy sailing.

Nikki Henderson

Expert Multihull Techniques

There has been a huge surge in the sales of performance multihulls and with them a need to know how to handle them particularly when it comes to specific multihull techniques.