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Catamaran VS Monohull: what should you choose to sail around the world?

Sailing around the world is a dream come true: you discover the world to the rhythm of the wind and the stopovers, exploring new destinations every day as you sail. If you’re just starting to read this article, you’re probably nurturing this project.
Are you planning to sail around the globe? Then the choice of ship for your next voyage is crucial.

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Atlantic crossing of the Outremer 52 Awen

On 20 December 2023, Holly, Stéphane and their Outremer 52, Awen, left the Canaries to set off on their transatlantic journey, bound for Miami and the Miami International Boat Show! After a 16-day crossing, they landed in Martinique in the Caribbean, successfully completing their Atlantic crossing.

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Outremer 51 “Tacocat” – Christmas celebrations under sail in the Atlantic

The Christmas season has commenced en route to the Caribbean, providing some new tunes on the speaker and cookie baking- when the solar recharging conditions are just right to allow us to use the oven -to both pass the time and provide late night sugary snacks.


Women in Sailing – Interview with Outremer 45 owner Christine

She jokes that she is often asked “where is your husband?” but this obviously has never been a major issue for her and further proves that women can and should have an equal place in sailing.


Antarctica Voyage aboard Outremer 45 Danson Kea

It was a deliberately provocative choice for Dominique and Christine at the time to sail their Outremer 45 Danson, from 2007, in Antarctica. Kea had sailed in icey Alaska, so why not Antarctica!

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Working remotely and sailing around the world: David and Inês are living the dream onboard their Outremer 5X

Are you tired of the daily grind of a traditional office job? Do you long for the freedom to travel and explore the world while still earning a living? If so, you may be interested in the growing trend of working remotely while sailing around the world.

GLY World Odyssey

Meet the GLYWO 500 crew: Marijke & Mark on an Outremer 55

Being part of the GLYWO family has given us a secure feeling and of course a lot of fun, both on and off the water.

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Self-sufficiency onboard an Outremer 51

In order for Maren & Matthias to be able to live and work independently on their Outremer 51 VAST, they primarily need sufficient electricity and drinking water. How do they do it, off the grid and surrounded by the salty sea?

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Sailing upwind on Outremer 45 Sailing La Vagabonde — PART 02

Sailing is a sensual sport. When you sail, you must work together with nature. You must ride her waves and helm in time with her flow, easing and tightening and swaying with her rhythm.

Nikki Henderson

Sailing upwind on Outremer 45 Sailing La Vagabonde — PART 01

18th November 2019 was the fifth day of our 18-day transatlantic delivery on La Vagabonde, the Outremer 45. The unseasonable nature of the voyage did not disappoint; this was the fifth consecutive day of upwind sailing.