Outremer is proud to support women: those who work at the shipyard and in the Outremer offices; and those who are about to experience the adventure of a lifetime aboard their Outremer catamaran.


To support women sailors, Outremer asked Nikki Henderson to be part of the “Ladies Only” program, which allows women to improve their sailing skills through a series of training sessions, webinars and forums, offered throughout the year, and adapted to all levels.

On International Women’s Rights Day, we launched a multimedia campaign to celebrate women sailors and highlight the Ladies Only program, a 100% women’s program that has been a real success since its launch.

The campaign includes a series of videos that humorously deflect the prejudices that women can face in the world of sailing.

In the first video, male Outremer owners are interviewed and asked questions that are more commonly asked of women…


But women can sail too! The story continues with a second video where women share their experience in the world of sailing.

The video series has received a lot of positive feedback, especially following Nikki Henderson’s post on Monday.

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14 February, 2023

Roland Jourdain is back in La Grande Motte with the Outremer 5X We Explore 

After finishing second in the twelfth edition of the Route du Rhum- Destination Guadeloupe, in the Rhum Multi class, the Outremer 5X We Explore continues its adventure off the beaten path.

25 January, 2023

Cape2Rio: an impressive family crew onboard the Outremer 51 Aventureiro 4

Congratulations to Hans and his family for their performance at the Cape2Rio Race. After a first position at the Refeno Regatta, Hans and his family of 5 are back!