An eye-catching new model


You might have noticed, our new Outremer 55 is undergoing a number of sea trials and despite these challenging times, the 55’ continues to attract the media’s attention. Nearby the French Frioul Islands and along the Spanish coast, she passed the first journalists’ sea trials with glowing results.


See for yourself with these very flattering press cuttings:


After spending two days testing the Outremer 55 in preview, the term “sweet-spot” was what came to mind – a term used in marketing to describe an effective positioning. There is no universal multihull, let alone a perfect one. Each model is designed to fit a program, to meet the sailors that fit it. The Outremer 55 is exactly where she promised to be, stood a little apart from the crowd, faithful to her roots. She is the heir to a long line of high-performance, seaworthy catamarans, whose modern expression does not mean forgoing comfort. The options chosen will work like photo enhancing software, accentuating here or there her qualities of a performer or great cruiser. In every respect, the Outremer 55 is a superb boat – she will even silence those who would claim that a multihull can’t be beautiful. – Multicoque Mag


This large boat immediately found its audience since 25 units have already been sold. Which means that you can dream of cruising and speed at the same time. The Outremer 55 makes it possible to reach double-digit average speeds without trying hard and without scaring oneself either. Its size and autonomy will allow real comfort at anchor and during crossings. Let’s add that the boat’s style and ergonomics are particularly well thought out. – French article in Voiles & Voiliers


The next sea trials are set to take place in September. Stay tuned to read more about them and click here to find out everything there is to know about this new model.

For more information about Outremer, access our Press Room

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28 November, 2022

Route du Rhum: 2nd place for Roland Jourdain onboard 5X We Explore

Following an epic race across the Atlantic, Roland Jourdain, onboard the Outremer 5X We Explore crossed the finish line of the 12th edition of the Route du Rhum on Friday 25th November 2022.

6 November, 2022

Departure 5X We Explore (Route du Rhum)

Roland Jourdain will be departing from St Malo, onboard the Outremer 5X We Explore (made of flax fiber) on November 6th, for the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe