Step-by-step the new model took shape

After several years of planning and perfecting the plans for the first Outremer 55, production started in January 2020. We had the chance to work during this period with several renowned personalities such as the architects of VPLP Design, as well as the designers Patrick Le Quément and Franck Darnet. We look forward to presenting you this new model which is between an Outremer 51 and 5X.

1. Infusion

After unloading the new 17-meter molds, which you were able to follow on our Instagram account in January, we started the molding phase:

  • Cleaning of the mold then waxing to facilitate demolding
  • Spraying Gel Coat inside the mold
  • Positioning of fabrics according to a precise plan with different grammages and thicknesses
  • Preparation of the infusion with precise placement of the resin supply network and vacuum

It is only during the infusion process that the resin will be injected into the part, giving it its final rigidity. This is an extremely fast action: 150 m² are infused in 40 minutes !!

2. Unmolding

The Outremer 55 started to take shape following the removal of the hulls and deck from the mold.

3. Assembling

The closing of the deck took place July 2020

4. Launch

And mid-November 2020, this exceptional catamaran, the first Outremer 55, finally touched water under the eyes of a proud team and its owner.


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