Production progress

First Outremer 55'
Model specifications

After years of planning and fine-tuning, production of the new Outremer 55′ started in January 2020. During this planning process we were lucky to work with renowned French architects VPLP Design, Global Designer Patrick Le Quément and Interior Designer Franck Darnet. We are really excited to present to you this great new addition to our range, between the Outremer 51 and Outremer 5X. The final launch will take place just before the La Grande-Motte Multihull Show 2021.

Follow the production progress of the first Outremer 55′ below ↓

Production is now well underway. After unloading the new 55ft moulds which you might have followed on our Instagram account, we started the infusion process:

You can’t imagine our excitement when the shapes of the first Outremer 55′ started to reveal themselves following the unmolding:


A huge thank you to our production team which is still going strong despite these rare circumstances. The schedule is running according to plan for this first Outremer 55′ and the unmolding of the second hull will start soon.

Stay tuned….