Thinking about buying an electric or hybrid blue-water cruiser?

Electric or hybrid engines on ocean cruisers. Is the technology advanced enough to be a reliable option for blue-water cruising yachts? We have been studying the question for a while now at Outremer…


Sustainable sailing: why and how to protect our ocean’s biodiversity

71% of our planet is water-covered and the ocean, known as a carbon sink, concentrates about 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere (more than the Amazon rainforest) and absorbs 90% of excess heat in our climate system.

Owner feedback

Self-sufficiency onboard an Outremer 51

In order for Maren & Matthias to be able to live and work independently on their Outremer 51 VAST, they primarily need sufficient electricity and drinking water. How do they do it, off the grid and surrounded by the salty sea?