Outremer Week and Cup Spring 2023


Since the launch of Outremer Week in 2018, approximately 1000 Outremer owners have been trained. This spring edition was no exception, as nearly 100 owners gathered in La Grande-Motte from May 22nd to 26th for Outremer Week.

Theoretical and practical training sessions were held in small groups, on land and at sea. Some of the most popular topics covered included medical care during long-distance cruising, maneuvering in ports, safety at sea, weather forecasting, mechanics, and much more!

Here are some highlights from the 6th edition:


A Ladies-Only evening get-together

One of the highlights of the week was our very first Ladies Only evening get-together (40% of Outremer Week participants are women!) held in the newly renovated Outremer showroom. Alongside Nikki Henderson, Outremer skipper and Ladies Only ambassador, participants shared their expectations and provided feedback on the program dedicated to women that is currently in place, in an open and relaxed atmosphere.

Opportunities to meet up and share experiences

Despite the gloomy weather during the first few days, Outremer owners got-together in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. After the training sessions, participants were invited to cocktail receptions, a great way to get a taste of what it’s like to be part of the Outremer family. One of the strengths of the Outremer community is its diversity, with over 16 different countries represented at this spring edition.

A well filled schedule

The Outremer Week Spring 2023 offered no less than 4 roundtable discussions and 12 different training sessions for participants to choose from. This allowed them to quickly develop their skills across a wide range of topics!

Visiting circumnavigators

Knut and Anita arrived on the night of May 24th, returning to La Grande-Motte for the first time after being the first to complete a circumnavigation on an Outremer 45. They had the opportunity to interact with future owners and share their latest adventures.

A challenging end to their journey.

Uma, an Outremer 45, faced a challenge that few cruisers would dare to confront: a full month of non-stop upwind sailing against wind and currents! Since leaving Natal, Anita and Knut had to constantly adjust the sails. They sailed over 3500 miles without a stop, encountering the scents of Cape Verde as they touched Santo Antão, then heading further to the Canaries, approaching the Azores before finally turning towards the Strait of Gibraltar, which they also crossed, by tacking.

They made a brief stop in Malaga to replenish fresh supplies and enjoy a well-deserved beer before setting off again, still upwind!

More details to come in a video interview…

A long-time Outremer partner

This event was also a good opportunity to meet our various partners, including Christine from LIZmer, a long-time financial partner. Christine assists our clients in financing their catamarans through leasing. Curious to learn more about their offer? Visit their website to find out more.

A fleet of Outremer catamarans in La Grande-Motte

About twenty Outremer catamarans were on the starting line for the Outremer Cup 2023, a friendly regatta held once a year after the Outremer Week Spring. It was hard to resist the call to gather and have a great time together with Outremer owners and future owners. This event represents the largest gathering of Outremer catamarans!

Several activities were offered during the event, including Outremer Chef, a culinary challenge demonstrating that it is indeed possible to do everything on an Outremer (cook AND sail) thanks to exceptional stability and comfort!

Well done to all 😊


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