Bringing together sea-keeping qualities and quality of life on board is an ambitious challenge! The vision of naval architect Gérard Danson since he designed the first Outremers is still just as relevant today: safety and marine qualities are non-negotiable when offshore. Rather than increasing the number of bunks and bathrooms or looking for a design essentially for the charter market, he envisaged the living space on board for a family, and drew the hulls needed to carry such a project for cruising.

The grand voyage, that’s setting off with a small crew bound for new destinations and being able to calmly take on all conditions which might be met en route. A sailboat is the result of decisions made by a team, but there is to be no compromise with safety for a family undertaking such ambitious projects!

The Outremer concept?

Long hulls on which to build everything required. An irreproachable reliability, bringing peace of mind and confidence. Excellent performance, for safety and fun. Perfect ergonomics, to improve the ease of handling and to eliminate any stress. An Outremer becomes part of your life and guarantees pleasure and emotions to be shared!

Our guiding principles

Designed by the best of naval architects, to create a balanced and performance multihull

Thoroughly researched construction materials adapted to every part of the boat and a culture of minimizing weight

Unrivalled build quality

These principles are what have made Outremer Catamarans THE benchmark for cruising boats. Our vocation is to be at your side at every stage of your project, to enable you to live your dream.

After more than 30 years in business, the Outremer experience can be summed up around three fundamental values:


Outremer puts all its energy into designing and building, with great care, sailboats which are always safer and tougher, and having unrivalled sea-keeping qualities. Outremer catamarans are designed to be easily sailed single- or short-handed. We never compromise on sailing qualities, safety, comfort, performance, and also longevity and reliability.

Outremer catamarans are easily sailed in total safety in all weathers and on all seas, for boating with total peace of mind.


Outremer places emotion at the top of its list of values and is committed to making your time rich in emotions:

The pleasure of seeing your boat born, built to your requirements, personalized for every program

The sensory pleasure of a sailboat with attractive lines and large living spaces

A bond with the sea and with your boat: feeling of speed, enjoyment of sailing, the thrill of a multihull going along in complete safety

Excelling yourself, accomplishing the projects of your dreams: the pleasure and sharing the blue water cruising life.

Belonging to a community of sailors who understand and share these human values.


Originating from the latest technologies coming out of the world of competition, Outremer catamarans are known for being fast and seaworthy. They procure sailing sensations which are unequalled without sacrificing comfort for life on board, with a balance unique to Outremer. Outremer catamarans are capable of great performance on all points of sail and are particularly capable when going to windward.

Performance is also a measure of safety: looking at the weather forecast and your options with the weather. In effect, the Outremer’s qualities, combined with ever more precise weather information available on board, allow you with a minimum of know-how, not to have to endure the wind and the sea. The high average speeds of an Outremer mean you can reduce crossing times, and therefore exposure to weather risks, but also be able to anticipate and get yourself into the best possible position, for instance on the right side of a low pressure system.

Speed is an active, fundamental element of safety: getting quickly to shelter, escaping from a difficult weather system, clearing a lee shore, day-sailing between two distant islands… Such things are not unusual in the life of a sailor who needs to be able to count on the performance of his boat.