actu Three Outremer catamarans are taking part in the 2018 Route du Rhum

May 30, 2018


For the first time in the yard’s history, three Outremer catamarans are signed up to take part in the legendary Route du Rhum.

The range will be represented by three models: Yann’s famous Outremer 5X “No Limit”, the Outremer 49 “LILADHOC” belonging to Eric, who is getting into racing for the first time following an Atlantic circuit with his family, and finally, Jean-Pierre Balmes, our “in-house” skipper, sailing an Outremer 4X.

Outremer catamarans are dedicated blue water cruising boats, known for their seaworthiness and their performance under sail.  What sets them apart from others is that this idea of performance is part of their genetic make-up.  This particularity has led to many Outremers winning races and rallies (the OSTAR, Transat des Alizés, Transat des Passionnés, Transmed, ARC, and more).

The whole Outremer concept is based on this fundamental value: when blue water cruising, speed is an element of safety, giving you more options when confronting the weather.
When racing, this performance means you can have fun!

We don’t know if our skippers are going to monopolize the winners’ podium in the Route du Rhum (we’re keeping our fingers crossed), but one thing is certain: they’ll be covering the course in conditions of comfort unknown by their competitors!

Zoom in on :
– Jean-Pierre Balmes’ project – Outremer 4X –

Having been the yard’s training skipper for over ten years, it was only natural that Jean-Pierre Balmes should choose an Outremer to be his faithful companion for the Route du Rhum.  His choice led him to an Outremer 4X, the yard’s racing model (voted European Boat of the Year in 2017) whose development has been influenced by Loïck Peyron.

With his “Solidaire en Solitaire” project, Jean-Pierre is supporting the “Rire” association (which helps children in hospital) and hopes to bring a wind of change to the daily lives of the children.  This challenge is for, him, the realization of a life-long project: a childhood dream brought to reality thanks to his experience at sea, the people he’s met and the know-how of the shipyard.

Would you like to support Jean-Pierre’s project by making a donation to the Rire association?

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For every donation made, we’re offering a model of the boat to build yourself!

More information about the Rire association can be found on their website: