To support this vision of the grand voyage and trace its route, Outremer has built itself around strong values:

Listening to and respecting the client: our principal objective is to build the sailboat which makes you happy.

Quality: the ambitious programs of Outremer sailboats have become THE value which guides us daily.

Team spirit: building a boat calls on several trades, real teamwork leading to the construction of a sailboat which always corresponds to a unique project. Customer relations, from boat show to delivery, at the heart of the Design Team and in production, is our driving goal: the Outremer yard is even there to respond to your individual requests, so as to supply the best possible solutions.

Pride in our work: the Outremer yard is proud of its boats and what they achieve with their owners. Pride is a powerful tool which helps our progress.

Research and development: the world is changing, technologies evolve and it is always possible to do better. The Outremer yard is constantly seeking new ideas, new technologies, and new ways of working to optimize our sailboats and for you to benefit from them

It is with these values and in a spirit of companionship that our teams work. Their average seniority within the company is over ten years, which is translated into know-how acquired over this time. We manage all the strategic catamaran building operations in-house, from the infusion of the large parts, right down to the finishing.

We also apply particular attention to managing weight, a culture which allows us to guarantee unfailing reliability in our boats. And we are proud to think that our company has a soul: this is another factor which helps us advance.