S E R V I C E   E- M A I N T E N A N C E   T H E   1 S T   E- M A I N T E N A N C E   S O L U T I O N   F O R   A N   O F F S H O R E   C R U I S I N G   B O A T.

Safety and reliability are the two major preoccupations of long-term sailors.


  • Avoiding sudden breakdowns: don’t get caught out.
  • Having the best possible overview of your boat’s condition.
  • Not being stuck in port due to a breakdown.
  • Allowing for preventative maintenance.
  • Having confidence in the condition of your boat is essential for your crew’s peace of mind.


The OCM system allows us to follow and be aware of the condition of boats throughout the world.


  • Measure safety / energy production / energy consuming devices / comfort.
  • Display the condition of the boat.
  • Data Transmission (auto/manual).
  • Collect fleet data.
  • Analyze big data.
  • Recommendations from the shipyard.

The advantages of Offshore Connected Maintenance are:



  • A real-time view of the boat.
  • Numerous check points which have not been followed until now.
  • Precise condition of on-board energy production.
  • Checking the main energy consumers.
  • Optimizing self-sufficiency (electricity/water/gas).
  • Possibility of additional support.
  • Sending (manually or automatically) of data required for diagnostics.
  • Targeted detection of any potential malfunction.
  • Assistance from the yard for repairing the breakdown.
  • Possibility of preventative maintenance.
  • Building on experience from the whole Outremer fleet.