Your first steps:

DISCOVERY “A boat for the family, a place for everyone, a pleasure for all”

Duration: 2-day course with one night at anchor

Boat: Outremer 45 or Outremer 51 (latest generations)

Catamarans: a different way of life at sea

Under sail: a first taste

Life on board and at anchor: organizing and appreciating it all

Weather and sailing: observing the sea, sea sky and your surroundings

First look at safety


Your sailing project:

ACCOMPANYING “how to help out on board”
Duration: 5-day course

 Boat: Outremer 45 or Outremer 51 (latest generations)

Helping the skipper entering and leaving port

Helping the skipper handle the boat under motor and under sail

Knowing the skills for living on board and being at anchor

The wind and weather: using the information from the VHF, forecasts and the barometer

Safety: Preparing the boat for sea and at anchor


SAILING “Start cruising with the family”
Duration: 7-day course

Boat: Outremer 45 or Outremer 51 (latest generations)

Preparing your trip (plotting your course, provisioning, log book)

Leaving and entering port safely

Maneuvering under power and under sail

Applying your skills for living aboard and at anchor

Safety procedures and use of safety equipment


CRUISING “Life at sea”

Duration: 7-day course

Boat: Outremer 45 or Outremer 51 (latest generations)

Preparing the boat for offshore (plotting your course, provisioning, legs of your trip)

Weather and navigating offshore

Management and communication with your crew offshore.  Communicating ashore

Life on board and watchkeeping management on long passages

Safety for offshore sailing


100% ladies only:

WOMEN ONLY “learning without my husband”


A different approach to learning

Try it all out in a safe and welcoming environment

Learn the skills you need with no stress

Boat: Outremer 45 or Outremer 51 (latest generations)


Optimizing your sailing:

PERFORMANCE “discover racing”

Duration: 2-day course

Boat: Outremer 45 or Outremer 51 (latest generations)

Perfecting boat handling

Choosing a course

Observing the conditions and where you are on the water

Refining the adjustments (sail trim and daggerboards)

Knowing and rounding the marks of the course

Racing strategy and tactics


Peace of mind for your project:

HARMONIZING “crew communication offshore

Duration: 3-day course

Understanding the common language

Optimizing sailing when short-handed

Developing suitable procedures

Managing risk situations

Sharing the joy of sailing



On your own boat

On our boats

Duration: as required


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