Blue Water Cruising Seminars

Prepare for your blue water trip with our Blue Water Cruising Seminar.

You’re dreaming of adventure and long-term cruising in the Mediterranean, an Atlantic circuit or across the oceans.

The desire is strong, but a few questions are still nagging at you.

Will we enjoy it?

To set out as a couple, with the family, with friends, single handed…?

What are the key factors to a successful trip?

How do we organize a project like this? Safety? Health? Insurance? Training?

The Blue Water Cruising Seminar allows you to calmly consider your blue water cruising plans.  With well-known sailors, and under the leadership of Jimmy Cornell, experts and families who have sailed in different latitudes and on different kinds of boats, this 2-day seminar will encourage and inspire your blue water cruising plans and allow you to meet and interact with other future cruisers.

A section on “blue water cruising for women” is reserved for ladies only and is led by a lady sailor who has spent several years cruising with her family.  This will be the occasion to discuss your expectations and your concerns, based on real practical experience.

Next seminar: April 2018

The seminar is organized over two days, with a special theme to each day

Day 1: Blue Water Cruising

Is it for us?

Day 2: Practical questions

How to prepare your blue water project